Budget & Salary Transparency Reporting


23g Mi Kids Back on Track Grant

Summerfield Schools 23g Plan

Summerfield 23g Budget

Parents requesting assistance for services outlined in the posted plan or have any questions on the posted plan, please contact:

 Jodi Bucher bucherj@summerfield.k12.mi.us  734-279-1035 ext 254

Camryn Klocinski klocinski@summerfield.k12.mi.us 734-279-1035 ext 138


Summerfield Schools 2022-2024 COS Plan

Summerfield Schools LEA use of Funds ARP 2022 update

 Summerfield Schools LEA use of Funds ARP 2022

98C Plan to Address Learning Loss

98B Goal Report


Continuity of Learning Plan


COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Extended COL Plan 2020-21

Extended COVID-19 Learning Goal Reporting

Training on Delivery, Access, and Use of Virtual Content


Weekly Interaction Rates

September Reconfirmation

October Reconfirmation

November Reconfirmation

December Reconfirmation

January Reconfirmation

February Reconfirmation

March Reconfirmation

April Reconfirmation

May Reconfirmation

June Reconfirmation


Board Approved Budget

2023-24 Budget Approved         2023-2024 Budget Amended

2022-2023 Budget Approved     2022-2023 Budget Amended    2022-2023 Budget Final

2021-2022 Budget Approved     2021-2022 Budget Amended    2021-2022 Budget Final

2020-2021 Budget Approved    2020-2021Budget Amended      2020-2021 Budget Final

2019-2020 Budget Approved    2019-2020 Budget Amended     2019-2020 Budget Final      

2018-2019 Budget Approved     2018-2019 Budget Amended     2018-2019 Budget Final

2017-2018 Budget Approved     2017-2018 Budget Amended     2017-2018 Budget Final

2016-2017 Budget Approved     2016-2017 Budget Amended

2015-2016 Budget Approved     2015-2016 Budget Amended     2015-2016 Budget Amended



Personnel Expenditures

2022-2023 Personnel Expenditures
2021-2022 Personnel Expenditures
2020-2021 Personnel Expenditures
2019-2020 Personnel Expenditures
2018-2019 Personnel Expenditures
2017-2018 Personnel Expenditures
2016-2017 Personnel Expenditures
2015-2016 Personnel Expenditures

Current Operating Expenditures

2022-2023 Operating Expenditures
2021-2022 Operating Expenditures
2020-2021 Operating Expenditures
2019-2020 Operating Expenditures
2018-2019 Operating Expenditures
2017-2018 Operating Expenditures
2016-2017 Operating Expenditures
2015-2016 Operating Expenditures

Bargaining Agreements

SEA (Teachers) Bargaining Agreement


Health Care Plans

  Summerfield Education Association

Administration / Exempt Employees

Summerfield Education Support Personnel Association
(Administrative Assistants, Custodial/Maintenance)

Summerfield Education Support Personnel Association
(Transportation, Bus Drivers / Aides)



MESSA Choices II

MESSA ABC Plan 1 (HSA) Booklet


MESSA Choices II

MESSA ABC Plan 1 (HSA) Booklet


MESSA Choices II

MESSA ABC Plan 1 (HSA) Booklet


MESSA Life Insurance

MESSA Life Insurance

MESSA Life Insurance

MESSA Life Insurance
L/T Disability

MESSA Life Insurance

MESSA Life Insurance

MESSA Life Insurance

MESSA Life Insurance

Delta Dental

Delta Dental Delta Dental N/A


Cost of Medical Coverage over State Cap Cost of Medical Coverage over State Cap  Cost of Medical Coverage over State Cap  N/A


Audited Financial Statements

Year End 2016

Year End 2017

Year End 2018

Year End 2019






Medical Benefit Plan Bids

2021 Medical Benefit Plan Bids.


Procurement Policy

Board Procurement Policy


Expense Reimbursement Policy

Board Expense Reimbursement Policy


Accounts Payable Check Register

2022-2023 Account Payable Check Register
2021-2022 Account Payable Check Register
2020-2021 Account Payable Check Register
2019-2020 Account Payable Check Register
2018-2019 Accounts Payable Check Register
2017-2018 Accounts Payable Check Register
2016-2017 Accounts Payable Check Register
2015-2016 Accounts Payable Check Register

Employee Compensation Information

2023 Compensation Information
2022 Compensation Information
2021 Compensation Information
2020 Compensation Information
2019 Compensation Information
2018 Compensation Information


District Paid Association Dues

2022-23 District Paid Association Dues
2021-22 District Paid Association Dues
2020-21 District Paid Association Dues
2019-20 District Paid Association Dues
2018-2019 District Paid Association Dues


District Paid Lobby Costs

There were no district paid lobbying cost for 2022-23.


Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

The district did not incur a deficit.


District Credit Card Information

2022-23 District Credit Card Information
2021-22 District Credit Card Information
2020-21 District Credit Card Information
2019-20 District Credit Card Information


District Paid Out of State Travel Information

There was no out-of-state travel to report in 2022-2023.


Use the following link for the MI School Data Website.

Evaluation Assurances

Teacher Evaluation Framework
Teacher Training Plan

Principal Evaluation Framework
Principal Training Plan

Superintendent Evaluation
Superintendent Training Plan